"Our pioneering spirit makes us the home of thoroughly healthy pet food.”

Georg Müller - CEO of Interquell

Our mission

“We stand for a healthy and varied diet and accept responsibility for people, animals and the environment.”

The Müller family – Interquell shareholders


Our mission

In everything we do we aim to help to create a happy and peaceful relationship between people and their animals with our varied, species-appropriate and healthy pet food.

As a family-owned company, we have regarded ourselves as pioneers and the home of healthy food for over 250 years. We produce food for people, babies and pets with the maximum care and responsibility using the best natural raw ingredients.

Our brands


Our pioneering work

Full range of therapeutic diet foods

First complete dog food & Natural Life Concept®

Trailblazer for ethical standards & alternative diets

Natural Life Concept® & All-in-One formula of active ingredients

First floating fish food

Our vision

“We want every pet to have a long, healthy and happy life.”

Georg Müller – Interquell CEO


Our vision

As a family-owned company we have borne a very special responsibility for feeding people and pets over several generations. We stand by our values wholeheartedly. Every day we work to ensure that pets have a holistic and healthy diet. In particular, we make sure that our healthy, high-quality pet food is not produced at the expense of the environment, animal welfare or future generations.

We firmly believe that pets have a positive influence on our society. We want to keep the relationship between pets and people at the heart of everything we do and influence it sustainably. For us, this includes the awareness that the quality and sustainability of our pet food is ultimately reflected in our entire food manufacturing operation. Because only animals that are fed healthily and responsibly are happy animals.

We are pioneers!

Lucia Rettenbeck

Veterinarian at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food it is my goal to develop innovative and nutritionally balanced recipes. In order to reap the benefits of the latest scientific knowledge, we work hard to continuously further develop and redevelop our range.”
Andrea Göbel

Veterinarian at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we have been taking our own dogs to work with us for many years. We thus lead the way for other employers, and demonstrate the benefits of working together with “Man’s best friend.”
Thomas Blöchinger

Veterinarian at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we produce our pet food responsibly and in harmony with Mother Nature. This means means going back to the source, and means we sometimes use insects as a protein source in our pet food.”
Vanessa Grimm

Veterinary assistant at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we vets and veterinary assistants in Customer Service help our customers to be sure of finding the right and most species-appropriate food for their dog or cat.”
Thorsten Stoyke

Head of Marketing at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food it is important for us to see eye to eye with our customers. In order to do this, we listen and look very carefully to discover the wishes and needs of our pet owners.”
Nikola Prather

Communication designer at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food, I hope to contribute to making the world of packaging both more attractive and more sustainable. At Interquell we not only look at the external appearance; we also thoroughly examine the content and transparency of the packaging messages.”
Michael Hedde

Financial accountant at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food for over 50 years we have put all our pioneering spirit into developing modern food products to benefit dogs and cats.”
Wolfgang Hein

Quality Assurer at Interquell

“As a pioneer of thoroughly healthy pet food we apply the latest analytical methods to ensure the outstanding quality of our innovative pet food.”

The history of pet food

Based on the developmental and dietary history of our pets and their changes over the millennia, we have constantly adapted the composition of our pet food to the digestions and needs of today’s pets.

Our sustainability initiative

“Interquell petfood, the pioneer in the creation of premium pet foods, is known for its corporate sustainability.”

Andreas Müller – project leader sustainability


Our sustainability initiative

We work together with all the relevant stakeholders to create a company that is fit for the future and to face up to the social, environmental and economic challenges of the present. As part of this initiative, Interquell petfood will, in the coming years, work together with all our employees and partners to implement and optimise various projects and to document them in annual reports.

The Interquell petfood sustainability initiative is guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations and by the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It is important for us to transfer the individual aspects of sustainability to the manufacturing of pet food and to take the best possible account of the multilayered interactions and effects. When we devised our sustainability strategy, we based it on four pillars: Purpose, People, Planet and Prosperity.

2021/2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainable projects for all divisions of Interquell GmbH